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Erection Drawings
Steel detailing begins with a set of erection drawings for the field.  
These drawings re-iterate the design concept presented by the
engineer and architect and show the relationship and connectivity of
the assemblies built in the shop.

For example where a commercial building is constructed from steel
columns and beams, the erection or field drawings will show the
placement of the columns and beam.  Where a stair is built into a
building the field drawings will show the placement of the stair.  For a
marine dock assembly the field drawing will show the placement on
piers and so on.

Shop Details
Shop detail drawings are produced for the metals fabrication shop
which provides the necessary information to purchase, build and
identify the individual assemblies which will be shipped to the field.

Part Drawings
Part drawings are individual drawings of the individual pieces that will
go into the shop fabricated assemblies.

Drawing development can take place in the 2D drafting environment
where the draftsman is creating the drawing as it is presented on
paper.  Or drawings may be created with the 3D environment as if the
detailer was actually building the assembly or structure, then the 3D
images are placed on paper like 2D slides and dimensioned and
annotated to complete the drawing process.
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Our Product is shop and erection details for
the metals fabricator and erector.

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